A pleasant working atmosphere as well as a competent team of responsible and reliable employees are the basis of customer-oriented counselling and top-quality services for our clients. Regular further education and training in combination with the practical experience of many successful years guarantee service at a constantly high quality level.

Please send your e-mail to our office-adress office@fiebich.com or contact directly one of our partners.

 Klaus Fiebich
Dr. iur. since 1986 
Partner since 1996 
Tax consultant since 1995 
Chartered accountant and auditor since 1998/2005 
Certified expert in finance-penal-law since 2001 
Expert certified by court in the field of tax and accounting since 2010 
E-Mail: fk@fiebich.com 
Telephone: +43 316 324453-11 

 Jasmin Kr√§mmer
BA since 2018
Assistant of the Management 
Telephone: +43 316 324453-12 

 Guilherme Lobo de Castro
Telephone: +43 316 324453-14

 Andrea Lamperter
Certified tax expert since 2002 
Certified payroll accountant since 1993 
E-Mail: la@fiebich.com 
Telephone: +43 316 324453-13 (Tu, We) 

 Natascha Branz
Mag. iur. since 2014
Junior consultant 
E-Mail: bn@fiebich.com 
Telephone: +43 316 324453-16   

 Simone Pichler
Mag. rer. soc. oec. since 2008 
Senior consultant 
E-Mail: sp@fiebich.com 
Telephone: +43 316 324453-18 

 Zlata Hadzalic-Saljic
Junior consultant
E-Mail: hs@fiebich.com
Telephone: +43 316 324453-20